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Paul McCartneyMcCartney III

McCartney III $1.32
  • Preisnachlass: -20%
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020
  • Dauer: 44:55
  • Größe, Mb: 104.32
  • Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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5 Lavatory Lil   02:23 $0.15
6 Deep Deep Feeling   08:26 $0.15
7 Slidin   03:24 $0.15
8 The Kiss Of Venus   03:08 $0.15
9 Seize The Day   03:22 $0.15
10 Deep Down   05:54 $0.15
11 Winter Bird & When Winter Comes   03:12 $0.15
  00:00 $0.00

Bewertungen der Kunden (7) Ein Bewertung abgeben

  • -1 Anonym Jan 02, 2021

    Better than at least 90% of the music you hear played on the radio. Not surprising considering this is an album made by an artist from the best years ever in music history. I'm not saying there isn't still good music being made today. Unfortunately, you won't hear very much of it played on the radio. The young kids who can't appreciate this album have not been exposed to "good" music for a long time, if ever. This isn't Mccartney's best album but it is respectable enough. I actually think "Egypt Station" is his best album since "Flaming Pie". Still, Paul proves over and over why he is one of the best, if not the best, songwriters of all time. I only give this album 4 stars because I reserve 5 stars for only his very best albums and because half stars are not an option. Otherwise I would give this 4 and one half stars. I urge the younger generation to not limit themselves to post-90's music only. Explore the music from past generations (especially the 70's) and you will be amazed at the treasures you will find. Good listening.

  • 6 Anonym Dez 26, 2020

    Most people won't understand. Genius is rare and the ability to influence generations yet remain avid in getting new material out to the uncountable fans is just unfathomable. For anyone who wants to right a critical piece, column or critique about one Paul McCartney, you will only be a drop in the ocean compared to what he has given the world...

  • 5 Anonym Dez 24, 2020

    Classic music from a very classy artist. I appreciate his music more and more. New artists could take a few notes from him. Peace.

  • 15 Anonym Dez 17, 2020

    You young whippersnappers, ya got no R-E-S-P-E-C-T! This guy is a couple of rungs above rock royalty, in his day he touched almost every living human on the planet! That's saying something! If you don't like his work just Let Him Be. I'd be curious to see your work at 78! If you even live that long. Legend? No, way beyond.

  • -18 Anonym Dez 17, 2020

    Is this guy for real, talking sex? He sounds OLD and comes off ridiculous, because his day in the sun is over.

  • -16 Anonym Dez 14, 2020

    One good song, time to retire

  • -3 Anonym Dez 14, 2020

    "Seize The Day" stands out as best.

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