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Linkin ParkHybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory $0.96
  • Preisnachlass: -20%
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2000
  • Dauer: 37:46
  • Größe, Mb: 86.69
  • Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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1 Papercut   03:04 $0.10
2 One Step Closer   02:35 $0.10
3 With You   03:23 $0.10
4 Points Of Authority   03:20 $0.10
5 Crawling   03:29 $0.10
6 Runaway   03:04 $0.10
7 By Myself   03:09 $0.10
8 In The End   03:36 $0.10
9 A Place For My Head   03:04 $0.10
10 Forgotten   03:14 $0.10
11 Cure For The Itch   02:37 $0.10
12 Pushing Me Away   03:11 $0.10
  00:00 $0.00

Bewertungen der Kunden (2) Ein Bewertung abgeben

  • 4 Jess Okt 22, 2016

    Overall: This album is awesome. I like every song on the album. Each has it's unique sound from instrumentals and vocals. You can not put a label on Linkin Park. They are who they are, a little bit of everything. 

    Linkin Park Members
    Chester Bennington- vocals
    Mike Shinoda- emcee, vocals, beats, sampling
    Rob Bourdon- drums, backing vocals
    Brad Delson - guitars, bass, backing vocals
    Joe Hahn - records, sampling, backing vocals

    Song By Song Review:

    This is the second song I discovered from Linkin Park, only I didn't know it was them until a month after I listened to it. I got this song in my head every day until I finally found out who did it and what the title was. 
    The song gets your attention from the very beginning with electro sound, leading into a heavy guitar sound. The versus vocals were mainly done by Mike, with Chester harmonizing.  Both of them sing the chorus. The lyrics speaks about the inner voice we have in all us. This is my favorite song on the album.

    One Step Closer
    "SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!!!" Who didn't love that line in this song. This is a great song if you want to get some frustration out.  Right from the beginning it makes your adrenaline pump with the heavy guitar and drums. You already know this song is going to be hardcore. Chester does the vocals in the verses and him and Mike both do in the chorus. What a scream.

    With You
    First time I heard this I was hooked. In ways it reminded me of the situation I was in with my ex. It brought out my inner feelings and put them into words, like so many of their songs do in my case. Mike mainly does vocals in the verses, while Chester does the chorus. This song is epic.

    Points of Authority
    Right from the beginning you can  tell this song is going to kick butt. It certainly does deliver.  Mike starts off this killer song.  The heavy instrumentals instantly makes you want to rock hard with the band. Chester takes off from that and continues to wow us throughout the song, with Mike coming in ever so often. This song is in my top ten list for favorite Linkin Park songs.

    This song hit me a little close to home for me. Sometimes it was hard for me to listen to it because I listen to music on a very emotional level to begin with, throw that into the mix and here comes the tears. I've gotten use to it since then and now I love the song. The instrumentals are absolutely amazing. Chester mainly does the vocals in this awesome song. Mike has about four lines in it, but is still awesome. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Crawling.

    I loved this song the first time I listened to Hybrid Theory, like I love all of their songs. This song was playing when I decided I had enough of a bad relationship and wanted to move on. The song said to run and I did. That was the first of many Linkin Park songs that I took the advice it gave and turned out to be a life changing moment for me.  The instrumentals are full of energy. I can't seem to sit still when this song is playing. Chester mainly does the vocals in this song, while Mike does a few lines in it. All around awesome song.

    By Myself
    I am literally living these lyrics right now. A lot of their songs have hit home for me and this one does as well. Their lyrics helped me get through some pretty messed up situations that I am still going through to this very day. They inspire us all to fight and never give up, no matter the circumstance.  Mike does the verses, while Chester does the bridges and chorus. Both of them sound incredible during this song. The instrumentals always rock.

    In the End
    This was the first song I ever heard from Linkin Park. I
    remember thinking, "Wow, this is different." It was love at first listen. I've been hooked on Linkin Park ever since. 
    The song gets your attention right from the get go with the wonderful instrumental beginning. Mike starts off vocals, mainly the verses, while Chester blends in and does the chorus and bridge.

    A Place For My Head
    I rocked hard with this song, but I have also cried during this song because the lyrics touched me during a time I needed to see the way things really were during a tough time for me. I love this song. Mike mainly does the verses, while Chester chimes in on them and does the chorus and YOU TRY TO TAKE THE BEST OF ME!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!!! The instrumentals rocked hard during this song and helped shaped the song to it's fullest potential. 

    This song is so hardcore. I love it. The vocals and instrumentals kick butt.  Chester and Mike both do the chorus equally. They both sound awesome. Mike does the verses, while Chester chimes in every now and again.  The blend together during the bridge, which is both beautiful and hardcore at the same time. The guitar and drums, especially sticks out for me in this song.  Brad and Rob did a killer job on this song. They all did.

    Cure For The Itch
    Everything about this song is awesome. Joe did a really good job on it. My husband does the same  type of music as Joe and he gets inspired by him. I enjoy everything he does as well, this song included.

    Pushing Me Away
    This  got me crying a few times because of it's lyrics. This is not a bad thing, just made me face myself during a time I really needed to reflect and take a closer look of my surroundings and what it was doing to me.  All the instrumentals are sweet in this song. Chester mainly does the vocals, while Mike does a couple lines within the verses. This song sounds good both hardcore and when done softly.

  • 10 music Shop Aug 31, 2013

    This is Ĺinkin Parks best ever album, inspirational, motivational and powerful. Rythm, powerful vocals and awsome instruments. Rock that verges on the edge of screamo and rap. Leaves you hyped and singing along. Buy this album and it will become one of your all time favourites.

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