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Black SabbathNever Say Die!

Never Say Die! $1.08
  • Preisnachlass: -20%
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 1978
  • Dauer: 45:46
  • Größe, Mb: 104.95
  • Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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1 Never Say Die   03:49 $0.15
2 Johnny Blade   06:28 $0.15
3 Junior's Eyes   06:43 $0.15
4 A Hard Road   06:06 $0.15
5 Shock Wave   05:16 $0.15
6 Air Dance   05:18 $0.15
7 Over To You   05:24 $0.15
8 Breakout   02:35 $0.15
9 Swinging The Chain   04:07 $0.15
  00:00 $0.00

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  • 4 Anonym Okt 15, 2011

    Black Sabbath's 8th release 1978's: NEVER SAY DIE!
    There is a good news/ bad news scenario going on with this record.
    The good: it's got some decent songs with great performances.
    The bad: Most of it doesn't sound at all like Black Sabbath, and the bad songs are very,very bad indeed.
    Let's start with a little background... following their previous offering
    the disjointed/disappointing drug fueled TECHNICAL ECSTASY, Sabbath
    went out on tour while the band was disintergrating quickly. Everyone was unhappy, and hooked on drug and drink.
    At the end of that tour Ozzy resigned from Sabbath.
    They enlisted former Savoy Brown singer Dave Walker to replace The Oz
    but that line-up lasted exactly 1 TV apperance, then Geezer also quit.
    Iommi is eventually able to regroup the boys, but it's an uneasy alliance.
    They decide that a record and 10th anniverary tour was their next move.
    From that we get: NEVER SAY DIE!
    It was much maligned by fans and critics and deservedly so, as there is
    a lot to dislike about it... But as I said before it ain't all bad.
    The opening title track, and minor hit "A Hard Road" are both peppy tunes
    but are sub-par, empty calorie, typical rock songs.
    Track 3 "Johnny Blade" is just plain terrible, with it's simple gangster,
    B-movie lyrics and overbearing synthesizers.
    "Junior's Eyes" is just OK, but like much of the remaining songs doesn't
    feel like Sabbath...also both "Shock Wave" and "Over to You",
    not really bad songs, but seem out of place in the Sabbath cataloge,
    but each of those do feature outstanding playing by Iommi and keyboardist
    (the great) Don Airey.
    Track 8 is a real head scratcher, "Breakout", is an interesting song
    with it's Big Jazz Band and tenor Sax leads...but seems like a leftover from
    Jimmy Page's DEATH WISH 2 soundtrack. It makes no sense as a Black Sabbth song or even within the context of this record.
    The real success's here are "Air Dance" and "Swinging the Chain".
    "Air Dance" is an oddity but an excellent one, with fantastic playing
    by Iommi and Don Airey. A very challenging prog-rock tune that would have been more at home on one of Ian Gillans early solo albums, and if not
    for the Ozzy vocal no one would ever guess that this is Black Sabbath.
    The final cut from this album "Swinging the Chain" is another oddball.
    With its heavy guitar riff and mid-tempo pounding drum beat it sounds like
    Sabbath... at least for the first few bars then comes the vocal... what?
    Who's this?... Oh, it's Bill Ward... and a harmonica solo... then another
    heavy riff... Who's record am I listening to?
    Anyway you slice it it's a cool tune, but like much of this dics, doesn't play like a Sabbath record.
    So with the exception of a few great but very un-Sabbath like tunes this album fails to deliver the goods, and the following tour is the nail in the coffin of the classic Iommi/Osbourne/Butler/Ward line-up of the mighty
    Black Sabbath... until 1997's reunion... but that's another story.
    -Kevin Baird

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