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Black SabbathMob Rules

Mob Rules $1.08
  • Preisnachlass: -20%
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 1981
  • Dauer: 40:28
  • Größe, Mb: 92.81
  • Format: MP3, 320 kbps

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1 Turn Up The Night   03:42 $0.15
2 Voodoo   04:32 $0.15
3 The Sign Of The Southern Cross   07:45 $0.15
4 E5150   02:54 $0.15
5 The Mob Rules   03:15 $0.15
6 Country Girl   04:03 $0.15
7 Slipping Away   03:46 $0.15
8 Falling Of The Edge Of The World   05:03 $0.15
9 Over And Over   05:28 $0.15
  00:00 $0.00

Bewertungen der Kunden (2) Ein Bewertung abgeben

  • 4 Anonym Nov 29, 2012

    This album is just plain incredible!! Every song on here sounds like something epic is happening. I consider this to be one of the greatest albums of all time. This album sees all members at the top of their skills. I know its a bold statement about historic and iconic band as well as Dio himself and that each had stellar careers apart from each other as well. Just listen to it, production, sound quality, song writing, musical skill, and just outright heaviness all reach a 10 and never let up. If you enjoy in any way the work these 4 men did before or after this album you must own this!

  • 3 Anonym Okt 16, 2011

    Black Sabbath's 10th release 1981's: MOB RULES
    The story of MOB RULES begins during the tour for the previous years
    HEAVEN AND HELL... Original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward quits part way through
    the tour due to "Health and personal reasons." re: Alcoholism and the death of his parents.
    So they finish the tour with drummer Vinnie Appice (younger brother
    of famed rock drummer Carmine Appice) and offer him the job.
    The new line-up of Iommi/Butler/Dio/Appice recorded a song for the up coming animated sci-fi film HEAVY METAL, that song would become the title track to the next album.
    MOB RULES is equal to its predecessor in terms of songwriting but
    superior in terms of prodution and enthusiasm. Returning producer Martin Birch outdoes himself with a livelier mix, and new-blood drummer Vinnie
    really does a great job with the material.
    Vinnie Appice's style is well suited to the direction of the Dio era, although
    he doesn't swing like Bill Ward, his drumming is heavier and is a perfect fit.
    Along with keyboardist (and future full time band member) Geoff Nichols
    the band entered the studio to record a full on classic.
    Opening with the rocking "Turn Up The Night" and Geezer's throbbing
    bass driven "Voodoo" we're off to a good start... but then comes the
    incredibly heavy epic "The Sign of the Southern Cross".
    "Southern Cross" begins with Iommi's classically inspired accoustic guitar,
    and a soft, delicate vocal from Dio before the crushingly slow electric guitar
    riff and bruising drums enter making this nearly 7 minute piece, one of the
    records finest moments.
    Next is the Bass Pedal and Synthesizer mood setter "E5150" that segues
    into the thunderous title track "The Mob Rules".
    Track 6 is "Country Girl", a very good song that provides Dio with the perfect foil for his soaring vocal style, and has one of Iommi's most
    concise, to the point solo's.
    "Slipping Away" is rather average but for the Iommi/Butler lead trade-offs
    during the solo section.
    Then is the under appreciated "Falling Off The Edge Of The World"
    which starts with a faux violin part played by keyboardist Nichols and
    Dio's tender falsetto, followed by an enormous slow-motion riff by Iommi
    before the tempo picks up and leads to its galloping climax.
    The disc closes with Dio's story of depression and angst "Over and Over"
    that contains an amazing Dio vocal and Tony Iommi's brilliantly mournful guitar solo, which is among his all time best!
    Black Sabbath hits it out of the park with MOB RULES and it's a real shame
    that the band fell apart after this album, it would be another 11 years
    before they would reconvine only to fall apart again within a year, not to
    be heard together again until 2007 under the name Heaven & Hell.
    Kevin Baird

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